Top 10 Beautiful Places To Travel In Hong Kong

Hong Kong has many beautiful places for Visits and enjoys a vacation. Nathan Road through Tsim Sha Tsui strolls up, and Yau Ma Tei will take you Beyond its Resorts,

generate some choices. The Jade Market closes around 4 pm, along with the Restaurants, and Stores, and on at Mong Kok and Yau Ma Tei. You do have to Temple Street Night Market is not till 7 pm in full swing.


You can come back to the night market Since the MTR is so effective. Alternately, since more and more Temple Street vendors are setting up shop early, from about 4 pm. It is possible to hit either the Jade Market or Temple Street Night Market in case you time your walk only right and do not mind walking throughout Temple Street if it is not in its liveliest. If you plan for this trip and want cheap air tickets, then visits Delta Airlines Reservations to save your money.  Whatever the situation Ladies’ Market, which will be available daily, is quite much like the Temple Street markets. If the Jade Market remains open due to audiences that increased, another possibility will be to walk this excursion. Since this walk is one, you may want to split this up or pay a part of it the most. Because it served as the connection whatever you opt for, a tour of Tsim Sha Tsui starts with the Star Ferry.

Inside the Star Ferry terminus, it’s a Hong Kong Tourism Board’s Visitor Information & Services Centre, where you can grab complimentary pamphlets, brochures, and maps of Hong Kong.

Ferry concourse is the most central bus terminal of Kowloon. Straight is the It’s immediately adjacent. port of call for cruise liners, Ocean Terminal. It is likely no accident that



  1. Harbour City:

The Location is Hong Kong’s largest connected shopping mall and among the most prominent shopping complexes in the entire world. Stretching over .8km ( 1/2 mile) along Canton Road, it comprises over 700 stores. Enter it, and you may not escape in this life save shopping.


  1. Chinese Arts & Crafts:


It is situated on the bottom floor of Star House, 3 Salisbury Rd. (tel. 852/2735 4061)This two-story store is open a day from 10 am to 9:30 pm and can be the very upscale emporium specializing in Oriental goods, and crafts, and superbly tailored clothes. It’s also among the safest places to including embroidered tablecloths, jewelry, ceramics, furniture, and rugs, arts get jade.


  1. Clock tower:


Constructed in 1915 and currently dwarfed by the buildings around it, this is the only structure remaining from Hong Kong’s old train station, after the last stop for people traveling overland from London about the Orient Express. Back in 1975, the Kowloon-Canton Railway terminus was transferred to Hung Hom.


  1. Hong Kong Cultural Centre:


Opened in 1989 as the city’s biggest stadium for its performing arts, this saddle-shaped architecture, in my view, is lost. After all, situate theatre and cinema halls which don’t have any windows on waterfront land with the world’s most views? The Cultural Centre does provide concerts of both Chinese and Western songs. In addition to displays and events on Thursdays from 6 to 7 pm and Saturdays to 4:30 pm.


Input the Cultural Centre’s ground floor and cease in the Enquiries counter to get a booklet detailing festivals and free events (there are public toilets here). Exit the flip hand, where to the east, you’ll shortly encounter one of my favorite museums.


  1. Hong Kong Museum of Art


It is situated at 10 Salisbury Rd. (tel. 852/2721 0116)This museum includes a superb selection of Chinese porcelain, bronzes, jade, lacquerware, bamboo carvings, and paintings of old Hong Kong and Macau, in addition to works by modern Hong Kong musicians. It has windows. Do not miss it. The museum is open Friday through Wednesday from 10 am to 6 pm.


  1. Peninsula Hotel


The Peninsula is Hong Kong’s most exceptional old resort, with a brand new tower that provides excellent harbor views from its own front-facing rooms along with a top-floor pub. Its lobby, reminiscent of a palace, with large gilded ceilings, columns, and ferns, has long been a favorite place for a cup of java and people-watching



  1. Nathan Road


The location is Kowloon’s most famous road. It’s also among Hong Kong’s broadest and runs nearly 4km (2 1/2 kilometers ) up the backbone of Kowloon into Boundary Road, the official boundary of the New Territories. Nathan Road was named after Sir Matthew Nathan, who functioned the street. After it finished, it was nicknamed” Nathan’s Folly.” After all, Road is referred to as the” golden mile of purchasing” because of all of

why build a broadway? Kowloon had traffic and hardly any individuals. Now, Nathan the stores & stores.



  1. Kowloon Park


A superb place to bring kids for a romp through playgrounds and open spaces, Kowloon Park also boasts a water garden, Chinese garden, sculpture garden (with Scotland’s Sir Eduardo Paolozzi’s bronze edition of William Blake’s Theory of Newton), aviary, woodland trail, maze made from arts performances held each Sunday to 4:30 pm comprising adult professionals foliage, and swimming pools. Best for people is your Kung Fu Chinese martial and kids.


  1. Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium

This emporium caters mostly to the regional Chinese using traditional Chinese goods. Its products from China include jade, porcelain, silk, clothes, furniture, medicinal herbs, and household products. The hours here are from 10 am to 10 pm. Its title translates roughly as” the location for developing tropical plants,” but you won’t find such a oss, bamboo steamers, baked products, tea, herbs, and fish. farming today. Instead, such as the Western District on Hong Kong Island, Yau Ma Tei provides a peek at the Chinese lifestyle, with stores that sell ginseng blocks,


  1. Woosung Street

Here you are going to pass restaurants with live fish in Granite and tanks ducks hanging out of windows, an herbalist store, a mah-jongg parlor, along with other fledgling companies.

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