Valentine’s Day: Social and Political Significance

Fryer (2004) wrote that the media image of Valentine’s Day And saw its various social and political implications Through various newspapers in the National Archives, Modern journalism and radio, and television programs And an advertisement released in 2002. Other points of Flair (2004) On the outside, “sexual social issues have been integrated into popular culture and also.

 Highlights of the popular Mirror suggestion table And the viewer helps readers navigate the complete relationship Question ” Brosius (2009) discussed Indian society and looked at: Valentine’s Day has become a “tradition of self-expression And self-creation of young people and married couples. use Celebrate “love”, party Emphasizes the fun of dating and eating, Eating and expressing emotions, such as ‘Relax’.

 Here it accurately points to Valentine’s Day In India, this is extremely controversial and political. In 2009, a small number of Hindu party members “Sri Ram Sena” patriot attacked amnesia resort Mangalore. They defeated many young couples, especially Women; think these women are abusing Indians Culture and tradition.

The situation worsened by two Women must be hospitalized. Interestingly covered by media, opportunities, or plans. All the event has been featured in various news channels The rise of hatred and middle-class Indian sentiment. This sparked a debate about moral police and Indians’ culture. Here, people are obviously looking at the media, but TV or prints shape people the spread of an idea or an idea.

Why It Is Important To Discuss?

The media is important In this case, when public sentiment is high, By the fire. After the incident, Shiv Sena’s leader Promos Muthalik was Arrested on suspicion of violence, but still going the Ethical police’s agenda and delivered speeches, which The mainstream media reports are different. Some media Covered deeply; some cover up one aspect of the story, the others are not included at all.

This research will shed light on this Similar to Valentine’s newspaper One day in 2010. Brosius (2009) made an important observation on this Background: “Use the media as a dangerous tool of exposure Media and “Real TV” that are getting easier to understand. Mutalik mentioned Valentine’s Day is a “Christian” feast, requiring It should be celebrated in a church rather than a “public place.”

 It’s worth mentioning here that Valenning’s A day is a fact, such as culture, culture, gender, gender Religions are closely intertwined. Pull even one of them Ropes have a profound effect. And chemicals Which of the above elements are Need to study. It further explains how to not only solve this problem TV or print media, and other public on the Internet Such as Facebook and Blog. Pink Chaddi’s election campaign and public outrage Through these mediators appeared. Somini Sengupta’s (2002) article titled “Bombay Journal; Oh, heart attack! They want to ban Cupid,” he said Reasons for political parties to oppose agendas Valentine’s Day products.

It quotes a leader, Shiv Sena Who said: “Drink, dance, drink, dance Two Ds ruined us. If our boy goes to protest We can’t stop in front of these shops. we do not have to ask them to show it, but they can do so. Sengupta (2002) essentially explored Hinduism A party like Shiv Sena is a powerful force in City and state. She saw Cupid Symbolizing love is a universal feature of Western culture. Sengupta (2002) further pointed out: “To be sure, their attack on Cupid was Is just the last sign of the spread of the Puritan movement Make this big Indian city be auctioned.

 Emotional Beyond February 14 is Shiv Sena (National Government Coalition Government Hindu Palladia Janata Party, Weigh Cultural life in Mumbai. “One thing that all these studies have in common is They all give rise to the political aspect of the whole story. light And Brosius both pointed out the festival was Very politicized in last years. In my research, I will try to explore how the soil becomes India’s Main political and religious issue in various newspapers again and again in Language.

Soil trading Article published in Yonhap News Agency ( The person with the headline looga said: “They also say Valentine’s country Means “transaction in February 2011” There are many types of transactions on valentine’s day graphic tee Countries such as China and the United States. Research and Global sample survey show that 50% of The Chinese and 42% of the U.S. population say so They are not going to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and in other countries; most people are planning celebrations.

of The results are based on a study of more than 5,000 adults Taken from and generated from the SSI online database of the following countries/regions: Region, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, New New Zealand, and Singapore. The author wrote: In each state, 52% said they intend to give gifts, while 50% said they intend to give gifts. Said they plan to eat out. 57% of Americans Customers want to give gifts, but 67% say they want to receive a gift, but a survey He said.

 Fair (2004) also insisted that some Ghanaians regret this Sand transaction, gift prices, and General promotion. Flair wrote: “Accra’s Valentine’s Day If it were not for a radio station, it would be a short vacation. TV promotion. From the media American Handbook Made for Valentine’s Day When I arrived in Accra, things rarely exaggerated.

If you say India, Valentine’s Day celebration is this is not a new phenomenon. Not mentioned a day Relatives, but also friends, family, and relatives. One person will protect this business; Consumers are increasingly adding new products to the market. A few weeks before Valentine’s Day, preparations begin The media plays an important role in propaganda.

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