Top 5 digital marketing agencies in Bangladesh

Digital marketing is simply marketing via digital means like the internet, social media, search engines, mobile devices, etc. to reach consumers. You may have a large or small business, but it is essential to have a digital presence. In this time, when the whole world is depending on digital tools, any business needs to have a digital presence.

For your business or startup, you can have a digital presence only by a Facebook page. But when the competition is tight, and you want to be ahead in the race, you may require a better social media presence and a website. An excellent digital marketing agency is what you will need the most for having a better digital presence.

Hence we are providing you with a review of the top 5 digital marketing agencies in Bangladesh.

Top 5 digital marketing agencies in Bangladesh

An excellent digital marketing agency will make sure that you have an active presence in the digital arena. But finding out a reliable agency can be a little challenging as there are many in Bangladesh. To make your steps a bit easier, we have written this article to present Bangladesh’s top five digital marketing agencies. We have found the names doing in-depth research by studying many other agencies.

1.      Magnito Digital limited

Magnito Digital is the most prominent and renowned digital marketing agency in the nation. Their expertise and experiences, along with an efficient organization, enable them to provide services at an outstanding scale. They are known for establishing top-notch brands in the digital space. To manage your digital products & to have excellent services, MagnitoDigital is always a reliable agency.


  • Design
  • Strategies
  • Social media marketing
  • Web development
  • Digital Content development
  • Digital campaigns

Notable Clients

  • Unilever
  • Grameenphone
  • Meghna Group
  • Pran
  • Huawei
  • Puma
  • Uber
  • Bkash
  • Fresh
  • Delta Life
  • Bioscope
  • Symphony

Notable Awards

  • Agency of The Year 2015
  • Agency of The Year 2016
  • Agency of The Year 2017
  • Commward 2015
  • Commward 2016
  • Commward 2017
  • Commward 2018


6th & 7th Floor,  House-7, Road-137, Gulshan-1, Dhaka

2.      Analyzen Bangladesh LTD

Analyzen is the name of another bigshot digital marketing agency in Bangladesh. In the last decade, Analyzen developed from a regional digital marketing company to have a presence in multiple nations.

Analyzen offers an integrated mix of strategy, analytics, technology, media, creativity,  and experience to execute significant innovation in communication. They became a properly integrated marketing company governed by a world-class standard technology team capable of offering any solution for any brand over various media. And as a result, Analyzen is successful in having one of the largest client portfolios.


  • Data Analytics
  • Digital-first 360 Strategy
  • Cross-media Content Development
  • Digital Buying
  • Game and Apps development

Notable Clients

  • Pran
  • Lux
  • Dove
  • Lifebuoy
  • Vim
  • Rin
  • KFC
  • Pizza Hut
  • Pond’s Men
  • Fair & Lovely
  • Meena Bazar
  • Taaza
  • IPDC

Notable Awards

  • Best Digital Marketing Agency from BBF Award.
  • Commaward.
  • GrandPrix Gold & Silver Award.


Analyzen Innovation Lab, Level 1, House 1A, Road 16/A, Gulshan 1, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh

3.      DigitalVast

DigitalVast started in 2014, and now it is one of the largest Digital Marketing agencies in Bangladesh offering services to various local and international clients. DigitalVast worked with many renowned companies in Bangladesh. They successfully form excellent campaigns for their clients and build a brand that can establish a steady relationship with the consumers.


  • Branding & Strategy Development
  • Website Development
  • Creative Development
  • Digital Media Buying
  • TV & Newspaper Media Buying
  • Online Video Commercial Making
  • TV Commercial Making

Notable Clients

  • Asset Development
  • Suvastu Properties Limited
  • Rupayan Group
  • Wonderland Group
  • Craftsman Fashion
  • Demand Fashion
  • Pickme
  • BabyShop

Notable Awards

  • Best Seo Agency 2017
  • Best Brand Award 2018
  • Best Startup Award 2019
  • Best Digital Marketing Agency 2019


Rupayan Trade Center, Floor #15, Suite #07, 114 KaziNazrul Islam Avenue, BanglamotorMor, Dhaka, Bangladesh -1000

4.      Webable Digital

With only five years of experience, Webable made its name among the leading digital marketing companies in Bangladesh.  They have developed such an approach that can provide satisfactory service to clients.

Webable is offering top-notch strategies, user experience, research, web design, advertising, SEO, Facebook campaigns with a proper set of tactics to form a brand that keeps a stable relationship with consumers.


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Digital Strategy
  • Creative Design
  • Digital Production
  • Event Activation
  • Creative Design
  • Customer Analytics

Notable Clients

  • Aarong
  • ACI Limited
  • Brac
  • Alibaba
  • Asus
  • The Daily Star
  • Jaago Foundation
  • Yellow
  • Lafarge Holcim


  • Commward
  • BBF Award


10/A, Road 4, Gulshan 1, 1212 Dhaka, Bangladesh

5.      Geeky Social

GEEKY Social is another prosperous Digital Marketing Agency based in Bangladesh. Geeky social successfully in promoting ideas that help their client to grow to keep the cultural aspects of Bangladesh in mind.

Geeky Social use their analytic, digital tools, marketing skills, creative ideas, and social strategies to open up the conversation with customers.


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Content
  • Digital Products
  • Video Content
  • SEO
  • Search & Display Advertisements

Notable Clients

  • LG
  • Aarong Dairy
  • Canadian University
  • Rangs
  • PranChanchur
  • The Daily Star
  • Clemon
  • Mojo
  • Canadian University
  • Mithai
  • Yamaha
  • RFL

Notable award

  • Digital Agency Of The Year Award In The Golden Globe Tigers Awards.


With the fast progressing technological advancement, digital tools have become an essential medium of communication and entertainment. Hence business in the digital platforms is flourishing as well. This is the era when you will find a Facebook group selling clothes has equal or more sales than many clothing stores in the market.

And that is only possible because of the convenience and vast user of digital tools. Having a traditional marketing strategy can hardly keep you in the competition. If you want your company to pace up and be in the more significant race then digital presence is essential.

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