How Long Does it Take to Dry a Flooded House | Water Damage Restoration

We know that having a flooded house or workplace is an ordeal and massively inconvenient, but it does not necessarily have to last long. If you ever face a house flood crisis, your first and immediate reaction should always be to call in professional help.

Floodwater is largely a contaminated water body as it is a combination of sewage spills, all kinds of water, household chemicals, and a lot of other unidentified dangerous materials. Therefore, directly contacting the water body is neither the brightest nor the safest of ideas.

Once our team at GroutExpert reaches on-site, we immediately begin the water damage restoration process. The first priority of our team is to get rid of the excess water accumulation and initiate the drying process. Depending on the severity and the expanse of the water targeted area, the drying process can take from 12 hours up to a few weeks. The steps we take in water damage restoration are as follows;

ü  Removal of Excess Water: After arriving on the affected premises, the initial process our team undertakes is that of water removal from the site. This is done by means of utilizing high-quality and modern equipment. We also suggest that during the few minutes wait between contacting us and waiting for us to arrive on-site; you do your part and use any possible method (buckets, mops, etc) to take out the house flood water.

ü  Treating Upholstery and Furniture: The second step involves taking out the furniture and putting it for drying under the sun. In addition to this, water stains on the upholstery are treated and equipment is used which aids their drying. This removal of furniture from the targeted premises also vacates the region for proper inspection and treatment by experts. The cleaning also includes looking for any mold or fungal generation which might have taken place during the house flood. If any case is noticed, the cause and source of mold formation are both determined and treated properly.

ü  Checking for any Electrical Shortage: electrical appliances should be turned off as soon as house floods occur. This is because electric wires in contact with water cause the spread of electric shocks and impact anyone coming in contact with water. Our team at GroutExpert specifically checks the area for any such threat before beginning the water damage cleanup process.

ü  Drying and Dehumidifying the Area: Once all threats are secured and every measure to vacate the house flood-affected region is taken, the technical process begins. This entails using standard equipment to dry the entire area. Equipment such as air transporters is used which maintains airflow and thereby aids the drying process. This airflow maintenance also carries out evaporation side by side thus expediting the entire water damage restoration and drying procedure.

This procedure also includes observing temperature control and undertaking domestic ventilation measures such as opening windows and using exhaust fans, to eliminate every ounce of moisture from the flood-targeted premises. The complete elimination of moisture is also a way to ensure that fungal regenerations do not take place in the future and their root cause has been removed for good.

Thus, calling GroutExpert to deal with such a dire situation is the only plausible solution. However, taking precautionary measures on your own behalf is highly recommended. Making direct physical contact with the water, trying to treat the situation on your own, not checking electric appliances, and staying within the limits of the targeted region are all practices you should abort during a house flood. Take all proper action necessary, so long as it is not at the expense of your own health, while you wait for our team to arrive at your doorstep. Once on-site, GroutExpert’s team will overtake the situation and address the problem at hand with techniques tailored according to your requirements!

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