Employee Monitoring Apps: A blessing For Managers

Information Technology has been the hottest favorite topic of the twenty-first century. In the start with all inventions and discoveries in pretty much every sector of life brought revolutionary changes. Robots are taking over man’s job. The brains and ideas behind every new invention are used to help human society.


Almost every sector has been blessed by technological advancement and the saga continues. Now the advancement has been transmitted from the upper sector to the lower sector of the society. For e.g, there are apps for farmers through which they get to know what kind of problem their crop has or if their soil needs any extra fertilizer.

Similarly, there are all kinds of apps and software made for students, teachers, businessmen, salesmen, etc. One of the kind is the monitoring app. Monitoring apps are built for two main purposes.

Either you are an employer and want a helping technology in keeping an eye on your employees inside and outside the workplace or, you are a worried parent who is anxious about their teen lifestyle and want to monitor them strictly. To both of them, the monitoring app is a blessing as you can manage to monitor the target person single handly without any extra fatigue or labor.

All you need to do is select the best employee monitoring app. Don’tworry we have done this work for you. You can try the OgyMogyspy app. It has an android version that can be used to monitor the target person using his or her cell phone. You can also try the window or mac spy software version for official computers, tablets or laptops, etc.

Monitor Their Call Log:

No need to wait for the cellular company’s report. Now you can check all the call log history at any time using the Call tracking feature of OgyMogy. You will get to know all the details of incoming and outgoing call records. Moreover, you can also listen to all the call recordings as well.

Monitor Their Screens:

Whether the employees are working from home or in the office you can not monitor every person personally. So get OgyMogy and use the screen recording feature. The screen recording feature allows the user to watch the screen of the employees in real-time. Thus have surprise visits frequently and watch the screen of the employees to know what they are up to during working hours. You can also check their screen activities by checking the short recorded videos and screenshots captured by the monitoring app.

Keep An Eye On Their Surroundings:

OgyMogy has this feature that allows the user to listen to the surrounding voices of the target person. Thus if you suspect any employees that he is a trouble maker and is spreading rumors in the office or any other kind of gossip you can directly hear their chats and discussion using the live listening of the surroundings feature of the spy app.

Monitor Their Online Activities:

The Internet can be a great source of diversion so it’s important to keep an eye on all the online activities of the employees especially during working hours. OgyMogy has the track internet browsing history feature which will allow the user to know about all the websites visited by the target person. You can track the sites visited in working hours as it gives the complete information of the timeframe. You can also have the information regarding the bookmarked sites as well.

Keep An Eye On the Emails:

One of the main concerns of any employer can be that his company’s secrets remain safe. Android spy app can help you with that by providing the keylogging feature. It traces all the keystrokes typed in the target person device thus any kind of ids and passwords will be shared by the user. Users will have complete remote access to all the emails, inbox, sent items, and their attachments as well. So if someone is sharing any secret document or information or any kind of media through his emails., the employer will immediately be notified about that.

All you need to do is select the desired package from the OgyMogy list and install it in the target person devices by following simple and easy steps. You need to physically access the target device only once for installation purposes. After that, you will have remote access to all the activities regarding the employees.

Monitor GPS Location

The Monioringapp tracks the current location of target devices. Its hidden recorder can also tape the surroundings by approaching the camera of connected gadgets. Employers can legally monitor their workers using the tracking app to avoid white-collar crimes and workplace violations. The GPS location tracker feature of the OgyMogy app is also an additional benefit for the businesses that have to work in the field and helps employers in keeping up to date with their employees’ locations at all times.

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