Kerala, and for good reason, is popular as “God’s own country.” Its natural beauty has drawn thousands of visitors from all over the world. If you visit Kerala for the first time or visit the beautiful state in the following years, it’s a journey to Alleppey. There is a class by itself in the backwaters of Kerala. The infinite bodies of water run alongside the Arab Sea and are a Keralan treasure. There are many houseboats that glide effortlessly along the backwaters. The greenery of Kerala and the new blues are all lush. Known for the beautiful shrines and beaches of Ayurveda, Kerala has a range of choices to sell. Throughout Kerala, prosperous towns and stunning mountain stations are attractive. Tourists who continue to return for the peace and solitude that they enjoy here have been carried to see Kerala. It is a popular honeymoon destination and a favourite for family vacations.



Alleppey is a spectacular destination in Kerala, and it can never be adequate for visitors. It is popular for its excellent beaches and the backwaters that leave visitors relaxed and quiet. Recall that there are a variety of places to visit and several events here when you intend to visit Alleppey. The minute you touch the city you are fascinated by the incredible beauty of Alleppey. This destination will never fail to impress you with its natural beauty and picturesque places as the favourite among visitors. Here you can visit several locations, including a sea view to the backwaters and temples. This place is named ‘Eastern Venice’ for some reason. Alleppey is approximately 53 kilometres from Cochin and is easily accessible by road. The serene backwards connecting Cochin with Kumarakom are celebrated. Alleppey is renowned for its beautiful temples and the famous lighthouse, besides the must-visit backwaters.


1. Krishnapuram Palace


Due to its rich past and architectural style, the palace is a must-visit. The windows on the gabled roof and narrow corridors are exquisite; don’t skip the windows. The whole structure is a fine example of South Indian traditional architectural styles. The Palace of Alleppey is owned and managed by the Department of Archeology of Kerala and has been turned into a museum for Alleppey tourists. No entrance fee is charged, and from 9 am until 1 pm and from 2 pm until 4:30 pm the place is still open. The venue and the exhibits are enjoyed by visitors as well as pure historical buffs. This palace please include in your itinerary to Alleppey. We guarantee that a visit to this palace is more than one way educational and enriching. The stunning architecture will astonish you, and you can easily spend a few hours here. If you love architecture or want to learn more about Kerala’s history, this Alleppey museum is an excellent place to visit.


2. Kuttanad Backwaters

Alleppey is known for its beautiful backwaters, which offer every place a romantic feel. The backwaters of Kuttanad are full of watersheds, ponds, canals, lakes and rivers. The lovely Kuttanad area is surrounded by hills and sea, offering a wonderful view to tourists. It is considered the country’s backwaters paradise and one of the highlights in Alleppey. In addition to the paddy fields, it has geographical characteristics which make it worth seeing. The backwaters are wonderfully mixed with patches of paddy fields. When you get to the backwaters, be prepared for stunning views. The four rivers that flow here are a centre for visitors in Alleppey. Pampa, Meechil, Manimala and Achankovil are among these. It’s a natural beauty and a must-visit on your Alleppey journey. The best thing to do here is to explore the waters behind and enjoy the view of cocoons and wind trees.


If you want to taste Indian spices and food in the traditional way, this is the place to be. When you come here, the sight of the calm waters and the lush greenery will fascinate you. This is the place to stay, even though you have just a few days in Alleppey.


3. Marari Beach


Everywhere in Kerala, there’s nothing like Marari Beach. Marari Beach is one of the best places to visit in Alleppey houseboat if you want to get out of the world and relax absolutely. There is a small town very near Marari Beach, which makes it appealing to visitors. It draws people from all over the world and allows them to understand Kerala’s culture and life. The stunning gleaming sand and crystal clear waters make it known. From this beach, you can see the best sunset and sunrise. Among couples, it’s very common and for good reason.


4. St. Mary’s Forane Church


The popular St. Mary’s Forane Church, a lovely church in Alleppey and known for its educational institutions and Friday liturgy, goes back to 835 AD. You will read more about the Christian lifestyle and culture at this church and learn about Christianity as a religion. It is one of the main churches in the Changanassery Archipelago. This church can be recognised for housing some 2,500 families in Alleppey when it comes to sightseeing in Alleppey. The celebrations are held year-round and there are two festivals in Alleppey every year, one is the St. Mary’s Festival, which takes place on the third Sunday of September, and the other is a festival in the Alleppey church. Those who want to participate in the festival will do this with special costumes. The St. Sebastian Festival is also one of the festivals that will welcome you with fireworks and colours.

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